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I can create a ID2D1RenderTarget for a IWICBitmap using the following code...

    D2D1_FACTORY_OPTIONS options;
    ZeroMemory(&options, sizeof(D2D1_FACTORY_OPTIONS));

#if defined(_DEBUG)
     // If the project is in a debug build, enable Direct2D debugging via SDK Layers
    options.debugLevel = D2D1_DEBUG_LEVEL_INFORMATION;


    props = D2D1::RenderTargetProperties();
    m_d2dFactory->CreateWicBitmapRenderTarget(m_pTheBitmap.Get(), &props, &m_target);

But if I want to apply ID2D1Effect to this bitmap, I can do that only if I have ID2D1DeviceContext. How do I get a ID2D1DeviceContext for a IWICBitmap?

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Once you have the render target created, you need to QI to the ID2D1DeviceContext. e.g.


Remember that the QI is increasing the ref count as well.

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