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i use a mono andriod ListView ,my listview contains 2 textview and one Image

and my following code works

  listView.ItemClick += (sender, e) =>
        //Get our item from the list adapter
        var item = this.listAdapter.GetItemAtPosition(e.Position);

        //Make a toast with the item name just to show it was clicked
        Toast.MakeText(this, item.Name + " Clicked!", ToastLength.Short).Show();

But when i put a button inside Listview,then this event not works and i am not able to work on button click.so how i handle Button click inside Listview in Mono andriod

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Seems like this would be the answer to your question. –  Bryan Aug 21 '12 at 13:40

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If you want the click handler specifically on the button inside the listview you need something like this:

public class CustomListAdapter: BaseAdapter {
    public CustomListAdapter(Context context, EventHandler buttonClickHandler) {
        _context = context;
        _buttonClickHandler = buttonClickHandler;

    public View GetView(int position, View convertView, View parent) {
        var itemView = convertView;

        if(itemView == null) {
            var layoutInflater = (LayoutInflater)_context.GetSystemService(Context.LayoutInflaterService);
            itemView = layoutInflater(Resource.Layout.ItemView);

        var button = itemView.FindViewById<Button>(Resource.Id.MyButton);
        button.Click += _buttonClickHandler;

    // ... Rest of the code omitted for simplicity.

This code does not take into account the fact that there could be another handler attached to the button. Make sure that you decouple the old one, before coupling a new one. Or add some sort of detection that you've added the click handler before and don't add another one.

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how we pass buttonClickHandler at the time of binding the list view adapter with CustomListAdapter –  Vishwajeet Sep 26 '12 at 11:43
Assuming you're using a list activity, you would pass it in like this: this.Adapter = new CustomListAdapter(this,this.OnButtonClick); you basically point it to the method name. –  W.Meints Sep 28 '12 at 9:18

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