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I created a checkers algorithm and it calculates 11 moves ahead in checkers.
when i say moves i mean whites move or blacks move not both. i still need to put some AI in my checkers program but before i do that i was wondering if i have what is considered a high amount of moves calculated in checkers. i wrote it on c++ in code blocks. oh and another thing.At first i wrote the checkers program in visual studio.it could do 9 moves at the same time i do 11 moves in codeblocks.its the same code because i copy pasted from visual studio to codeblocks.what could be the problem?

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It's hard to tell what the problem is until we see the code –  SingerOfTheFall Jul 27 '12 at 6:00
Need a more specific question. –  ThirdOne Jul 27 '12 at 6:06

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Checkers is a "Solved Game" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solved_game). With the correct algorithm, a computer can calculate the perfect play and predict in any position whether it is still possible to win, have a draw or lose. There are some links to papers in the wikipedia article on how this can be achieved. Otherwise I suggest google as there are some papers on this subject for sure.

Regarding the difference between Visual Studio & Code Blocks: they use different compiler with different optimization settings. You'd need to profile the code to check where the difference in the created assembly code is. If you do profiling - profile both applications and focus on the ones that take up most of the time. Since the algorithm is the same, use a sampling profiler.

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The execution time does not depend on the IDE. It depends on the compiler, the optimisation level (i.e. the options you chose for your compiler) and how much operations happen in your code.

For example, graphical output is usually expensive. Output to the console a little less.

The best way to improve execution speed is often to improve the algorithm.

I know that this is rather a comment than a solution, but there is a lot of things I needed to comment ;)

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