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I have a function which takes an argument that is used in where clause

function(string x)-->Now this will create a sql query which gives

select colname from tablename where columnname=x;

Now I want this function to give all rows i.e. query equivalent to

select colname from tablename;

when I pass x="All".

I want to create a generic query that when I pass "All" then it should return me all the rows else filter my result.

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Just leave the where condition out.

If you really want it that complicated use

where columnname LIKE '%'

which will only filter nulls.

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select colname from tablename 
where columnname=(case when @x ="All" then columnname
                  else  @x end)
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It's unclear what language you're using for your function, but you have to somehow parse the 'All' prior to getting to sql:

public void query(String param) {
  String value = "":
  switch (param) {
    case 'All':
      value = "*";
      value = param;
  String sql = "select colname from tablename where colname="+value;
  //make the query
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It is not explicit, but reading between the lines they appear to be using PL/SQL in MySQL. –  ross_t Jul 27 '12 at 6:30

If you have to allow 'ALL' to be passed through as the parameter value to your function, then you will need to put some manipulation code in your function to construct your SELECT statement accordingly. I.e. You can detect if the parameter has 'ALL' in it and then omit the WHERE clause from your SQL statement. If a value other than 'ALL' comes through, then you can include the WHERE clause along with the relevant filter value from the parameter.

An example of a piece of code to do this would be;

IF x = 'ALL'
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Give a conditional check in your code(assuming Java) to append the WHERE clause only when x != 'All'

mySqlQuery = "SELECT colname FROM tablename" + 
                (x.equals("All") ? "" : "WHERE columnname = "+x);
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Try this

select colname from tablename where 1=1

hope the above will work

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