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Please any One who has worked on Magento Site's App Development help me to get a direction to move further as I am totally lost and getting nothing from the Online Research.

Any help would be highly Appreciated.

Thanks And Regards.

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If anyone looking for how to create a magento app use this -… – Remees M Syde Sep 20 '14 at 10:06
Why don't you use the out of the box solution Mofluid for building your native mobile app? It's open source source and you can change code as per your requirements. Here is the link to their site - – vipul_vj May 31 '15 at 12:07
There are many mobile app builder you may use – webkul Jan 13 at 12:18
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There are few Steps for that::

  1. Magento offers two API's to develop your app in Android
    a. SOAP API
    b. XML-RPC

  2. If you want to use XMLRPC API,then you have to download it's library and use it in your Project.

  3. You have to create a New User in your Magento Store with roles.That you can do by loging in to your Admin module and the option is under the system->WebServices->User && Roles...You have to create first roles and then create a user and assign the roles to the User.
  4. You have to use the UserName and APIKey that you give in the Magento Store for calling the login Function.
  5. Calling the Login function,you will Receive a Session Id,that you have to store and Use it in your further calls.

Some of the helpful links to get Started Are::

  1. Link-1
  2. Link-2
  3. Link-3
  4. Link-4
  5. My Questions And their Solutions On SO
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Hi, Thanks a lot for the answer. Can you tell me which one of these will be faster: Performance wise. I once asked if we can make our own custom frontend using the API's instead of Magento's default and everyone seemed to dislike the idea. Doesn't that mean the same thing for the mobile applications? – sid Jul 27 '12 at 7:04
You only have 2 Options,use XMLRPC or SOAP..or the third one..create your own one...But XMLRPC is better according to me as Simple to Use than Other..this statement is made with reference of ME. – Haresh Chaudhary Jul 27 '12 at 7:07
Thanks for your advise.. – sid Jul 27 '12 at 7:13
always welcome. – Haresh Chaudhary Jul 27 '12 at 7:14
You can use a cross platform app builder such as Phonegap and create front-end there. For back-end you can create web-services using XML RPC APIs. Phonegap will create a cross platform app and you will not need to build separate apps for both. Some of the extensions that are built using the same approach are Mofluid - and official magento app - – vipul_vj Apr 1 '14 at 10:02

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