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I have created new user 'testUser' in Dynamics GP company lets say 'TWO', there is another database on same server which is a non GP company database lets say 'TEST'. There are few tables in TEST db which I need to read on my some Dynamics GP form. I have created a view in database 'TWO' to read records from this table.

create view TestView 
select description from TEST..table1

But when accessing this view in GP form I am getting permission error for my user testUser. I went to SQL server and mark database 'TEST' for user testUser. After that I get select permission message on view TestView. after running

grant select, insert, update, delete on TestView to testUser.

I got no more issues. But is there any query by using which I will give permission to users whenever new user will be created in Dynamics GP?

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You should grant the permissions to the DYNGRP role on the database.

grant select, insert, update, delete on TestView to DYNGRP.

This should give all gp Users those permissions. Any User created afterward will have those permissions.

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