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I recently got a mac and have very little experience with macos. *The OS is 10.7.3*a

I installed RVM , and noticed that while installing ruby it complained that gcc is not avail. [I dont have clang as well on the machine]

On the web, I found people asking to dnload xcode which has necessary lib bundled.

However I wasnt able to find a link to a compatible version of xcode for my OS.

Seems like I have managed to install xcode [an app comes up, which has archives, documentation, projects etc tab ..which are all empty].

Do I need to install 'xcode tools' instead ? is there a direct link avail somewhere , apples website is confusing and the one on app store cannot be installed on my OS.

This is probably a newbie question but I have seen many users trying to get a detailed procedure.


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Installing Xcode should mean that gcc is now available, though you may need to install the "Command Line Tools". All Apple Developer downloads can be found here including "Command Line Tools" for 10.7.

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thanx !! ..I dont see gcc in /usr/bin . I dont think so its installed yet. Will install command line tools and check .. –  codeObserver Jul 27 '12 at 7:39
getting command line tools fixed it ! Thanks! –  codeObserver Jul 30 '12 at 7:30

installing osx-gcc-installer is enough to compile rubies in RVM

make sure that you read rvm requirements as it provides important information for installing rubies.

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