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I am using wickets 1.5.I have registration page where fileds has to be validate for only numbers(like phone no) . i have a validation class as below

public class Validator implements IValidator<String> {
        Pattern pattern;
        public Validator() {
        pattern = Pattern.compile("[0-9]+");

        public void validate(IValidatable<String> validatable) {
        final String field = validatable.getValue();

        if (pattern.matcher(field).matches() == false) {

            error(validatable, "phoneno" );


    private void error(IValidatable<String> validatable, String errorKey) {
    ValidationError error = new ValidationError();
    error.addMessageKey(getClass().getSimpleName() + "." + errorKey);


I have my Registration.properites file in the same package the Registation.html and .java files are there. My Registration.properites is

Registration.phoneno= Please enter numbers only

I am calling this in my wicket class
phoneno.add(new Validator());

I am getting below error

Could not locate error message for component: TextField@sendform:phoneno and error: [ValidationError message=[null], keys=[Validator.phoneno], variables=[null]]. Tried keys: phoneno.Validator.phoneno, Validator.phoneno.

What i am doing wrong ? I have done this as per below link

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I think you aren't specifying the property key correctly. The getClass().getSimpleName() method is returning "Validator", when your key starts with 'Registration'. Just try this:

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