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I have just started thinking about migrating to cruise control from a personal tool. I am using SVN and I have a structure like this :


For now,

  • I use sparse directories to navigate in the SVN structure (svn up -N svn/projects/project1) and when there is a final node with Trunk or Tags or Branches, I update the tree recursively (svn up svn/projects/project1/Trunk).
  • I have succeeded in creating svn build with new build.xml + main config.xml file tuning for each of my projects.

Ideally, since all my build steps are identical (cd svn/projects/project1/Trunk && make all unit), I would like to automate the Cruise Control build step. So I was still wondering 2 things:

  1. Is there any way to avoid the step of creating a new build.xml + main config.xml file tuning for each of my projects. For example, to tell cruise crontrol one for all to use a template build.xml since all my builds consist in calling 'make' and 'make unit' commands + a generic regular regexp in main config.xml, such as svn/(projects|libs)/(.*)/(Trunk|Tags|Branches).
  2. Would that be possible to display all these projects in a tree view in cruise control dashboard so that it is easier to link to the SVN repo ?

I keep on searching but if you have any piece of advice on how to do that, it would be great. Thanks.

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1.-> you can use template and define preprocessor element that . after you have to replace all define value through a software that parse xml :

<cb:define mylabel="labelIwant"/>

2.->you can customize ccnet by modifing source but it will be hard as for me. Prefer perharps to use security permission and viewProject to enable to view some project according a role

 <rolePermission ..>
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