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I've taken a look at Bootstrap's JS guidelines, and this code disables the Twitter's Bootstrap modal:

$('#myModal').on('show', function (e) {
if (!data) return e.preventDefault() // stops modal from being shown

However, upon clicking the modal, it doesn't open the object (an image, in this case, using Bootstrap Image Gallery: It just disables the click function altogether.

I've also tried this snippet to disable the modal gallery:


But it doesn't seem to disable it.

How would I write the jQuery so that the modal gallery is disabled and images open regularly as a link? (Am needing this snippet for a mobile site that will be implemented in the footer, after all scripts have been executed.)

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You can disable the automatic modal binding by removing data-toggle="modal" and bind your click event

$('#mybutton').click(function (e) {
  if (data) {
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This opens just the image without the bootstrap modal.

div id="blueimp-gallery" class="blueimp-gallery blueimp-gallery-controls" data-use-bootstrap-modal="false" 
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