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I want to run a macro(Sub) of a word document from Delphi.
My macro in word is as

Sub Macro1()  
  'Do Something
End Sub  

and in Delphi

Word := CreateOleObject('Word.Application');  
Word.visible := true;  
Word.Documents.Open('c:\_3\Doc\2.docm', true, false);  

and works well
But when I want enhance macro and add parameters as

Sub Macro1( param1 as string, param2 as string)  
 'Do Something  
End Sub  

and calling as

word.Run('Macro1 "Book", "Pool"');  

I get error as
"Unable to run the specified macro"
How can I call macro(sub) with parameters?

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You must pass the macro parameters values just as normal parameters.

word.Run('Macro1', 'Book', 'Pool');  

for more info read the Application.Run Method MSDN documentation.

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macro code :

Sub TestParams(param1 As String)
   MsgBox "Param1 := enter code here" & param1
End Sub

It was a nightmare for me too becuase as soon as you create the macro with parameters it does not display in list of macros.

I eventually got it working by doing the following
delphi code :

procedure TUtils.RunMacro;
var Test : olevariant;
  Test := 'Hello Word';
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