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Is it possible to trigger a shape animation from VBA code?


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In any version less than powerpoint 2010, no it does not appear possible:

However, if you are using powerpoint 2010, MSDN details a straightforward demo for triggering shape animations in powerpoint:

Sub TestShapeAnimation()

    With ActivePresentation.Slides(1)
        Dim shp1, shp2, shp3 As Shape
        ' This sets the initial shape, with which we will test the animation sequences.
        Set shp1 = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShape12pointStar, 20, 20, 100, 100)

        ' This creates the animations.
        .TimeLine.MainSequence.AddEffect shp1, msoAnimEffectFadedSwivel, , msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious
        .TimeLine.MainSequence.AddEffect shp1, msoAnimEffectPathBounceRight, , msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious
        .TimeLine.MainSequence.AddEffect shp1, msoAnimEffectSpin, , msoAnimTriggerAfterPrevious

        ' This acquires the animation... [i]

        ' [i] ... and applies it to another shape.
        Set shp2 = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeHexagon, 100, 20, 100, 100)

        ' Another shape creation / animation application.
        Set shp3 = .Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeCloud, 180, 20, 100, 100)

    End With

End Sub

Let me know if you have further questions/thoughts -


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