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I have a category tree in XML like

<cat name='cat_1' id='1'>

 <cat name='cat_2' id='2'>
   <cat name='cat_3' id='3'>


 <cat name='cat_4' id='4'>
   <cat name='cat_5' id='5'>

      <cat name='cat_6' id='6'>
        <cat name='cat_7' id='7'>



now I want to implement code such that I can travers this tree an find categories ids by the name i.e. If input is cat_6 than result should be 6;

What I have done

$xmlCatTree // is my simple xml object

class MyClass{   
 public function traverseForId($cat_name , $xmlCatTree )

        if($xmlCatTree->attributes()->name == $cate_name)
              return $xmlCatTree->attributes()->id;
        foreach($item->children() as $child)
             return $this->traverseForId($cat_name,$child);
        } } 



It works perfectly for single branch i.e child nodes of cat_2 will have correct results but if I search for cat_7 nothing will return. I thing It happens due to branched recursion. I want to know how to cop this.

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Multi-threaded? What do you mean by that? – vascowhite Jul 27 '12 at 8:23
@vascowhite recursion in more than one branch. – Rupesh Patel Jul 27 '12 at 8:33
@vascowhite in my code multiple branches are created through foreach loop – Rupesh Patel Jul 27 '12 at 8:34

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It seems, that you are using SimpleXML, thus I recommend to directly query the tree.

foreach ($xmlCatTree->xpath('//cat[@name=' . $cat_name . ']') as $node)
  return $node->attributes()->id;
return null;

This is even more elegant, because it directly reflects, what you are trying to achieve: Give me all the nodes with attribute "name" with the value "$cat_name".

Or (because it seems, that the ID is already part of the category name ;))

list($unusedThingy, $id) = array_pad(explode('_', $cat_name, 2), 2, null);
return $id;

But I guess thats not really, what you are looking for ;)

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It's perfect had same suggestion by my colleague, but my motive of asking this question was to find out what actually happens in such threaded recursion I will accept this answer if will not find any other light on my point. Thanks For the Answer :) – Rupesh Patel Jul 27 '12 at 8:24
+1 - but useful as it is, I avoid using list() and skipping parameters with emptys, because it looks like it should be a syntax error, and n00bs may come along and see this and think that you are allowed to skip function arguments with an empty (like you are in e.g. VBA) where in PHP you will get a syntax error, then you get questions on here about it which immediately get closed and downvoted and we scare off new SO members - it's a vicious circle. It's PHP's fault, not yours, but I feel one should try and use a horrible language in as nice (read: consistent) a way as possible. – DaveRandom Jul 27 '12 at 8:31
@DaveRandom Sometimes I use $_ as temporary "I don't really use it. Really!"-variable name, but I don't think it's PHPs fault, when "whoever" can't read error messages when omitting function arguments ;) – KingCrunch Jul 27 '12 at 8:35
your second code snippet doesn't fit as you told already :) – Rupesh Patel Jul 27 '12 at 8:38
@KingCrunch Agreed that most questions here can be answered with RTFM/JFGI but unfortunately that's not about to change. I treat list() like goto and variable variables - yes you can, but for christ's sake, don't. I hate that PHP has "language constructs" that look like functions but in a very subtle way are not in fact functions, and list() particularly so. Since when does something that looks like a function belong on the left side of an assignment expression? Which PHP developer thought that was a good idea? (I'm not in any way having a pop at you here, by the way) – DaveRandom Jul 27 '12 at 8:43

Your function check only first child, try to use my code:

public function traverseForId($cat_name, $xmlCatTree)
    if ($xmlCatTree->attributes()->name == $cat_name)
        return $xmlCatTree->attributes()->id;

    foreach ($xmlCatTree->children() as $child) {
        $res = $this->traverseForId($cat_name, $child);
            return $res;
    return NULL;

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This is what I have done so far, checking for the NULL response and killing the branches with no hope. There is no problem with it but I just don't feeling good about that. I have been achieved this by try and error but not have efficient understanding what is going on .. – Rupesh Patel Jul 27 '12 at 8:32

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