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I need your help in choosing a Mac OS X installer version for my application, since I'm not a native Mac user (I am a Windows user). As far as I know there are two popular installer versions: the regular setup wizard, and the one that uses a window in which you drag the file into the applications folder. Which is preferred and why?

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If your application is entirely self contained with all its resources bundled in a single .app package (which is the preferred structure for Mac applications) then use drag and drop installation. If it isn't possible to bundle your application in this way then use an installer .pkg.

There may be other solutions that are appropriate for certain types of application. For example I develop a large Java application that runs on many platforms (including Mac) and we use IzPack to build one installer JAR that works on all platforms. We then package this up as an .exe for Windows users (using Launch4J) and as a .app bundle for Mac users.

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Thank you for your answer. Can you also please let me know the preferred installation regardless of technical issues, but a mac native user? –  Efi Debi Jul 27 '12 at 12:58
The preferred approach is a drag and drop .app bundle if it is possible for your app to work like that. That way everything is self-contained and uninstallation simply requires deleting the app. If your app cannot be bundled as a single .app then a .pkg is the next best option (installed with the native Installer.app). In either case distributed as a .dmg disk image, or failing that a zip file. –  Ian Roberts Jul 27 '12 at 21:30

If you are not familiar with command line tools or simply not inclined, I would recommend two different IDEs:

If you want to distribute, it would be best to sign the installer.

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