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I have a prefab with some datas (ints, strings...) and I have a Clone of this prefab. In this clone, I modify some of those ints and strings.
And after that I want to copy my Clone in the prefab, I mean that I want my prefab to have the same properties of my clone object. I found :
but this is only functional in the editor. Can you help me ? Another thing is that I don't want to copy manualy the datas.
Thanks a lot !

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Maybe Component Copier is worth to look at. Although there is a little bug and the component menu is gone (right click menu in transform does the job) it helped me. And no, I am not the developer but just a user.

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Thanks for your advice, but for now I use an empty prefabs, and I fill it manually :( –  MaT Jul 28 '12 at 11:46

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