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Different devs on our team have wildly different checkboxes here:

Visual Studio Formatting Options

and as a consequence Visual Studio keeps reformatting code and this really pollutes our commits.

What I want is to have a single whatever (.reg file or something) to run on each devs' computer so that these settings will be consistent.

How can I do this?

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You can export the desired settings from one of the visual studio instances from the tools menu using the option "Import and Export settings". This will save the settings to a .vssettings file (which is actually a xml file) holding stuff like

<PropertyValue name="TabSize">4</PropertyValue>

You can then either import these settings on the other machines through the user interface (same menu option) or you can load them from the commandline using

devenv.exe /Resetsettings <your settingsfile>

This commandline settings is documented here

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In Visual Studio 2013, this does not export the formatting settings Anton showed in his screenshot. –  Daniel Nov 19 '14 at 15:32
IN VS2102 exporting "All Settings/Options/Text Editor/C# Editor" does export these settings e.g. <PropertyValue name="NewLines_Braces_Method">1</PropertyValue> –  Bigwave Jun 25 at 7:37

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