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In Django I'm trying to divide one app (so only app is in installed_apps) into several subdirs, with the following structure:


the file app\ consist only of

from subdir1.views import *

so I collapse the namespace of app.subdir1.views into app.views. However that's not the desired solution, I rather use

import subdir1.views

and not collapse the namespaces, however this construct makes Django complain with the error "Could not import app.views.subdir1.json. Parent module app.views.subdir1 does not exist." which is of course correct, Because that parent module does not exist.

So the question I would like to raise: is this dir structure possible or not?

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It should be possible, you can use in then and completely avoid importing in app/

Maybe file is missing in one of those directories?

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I tried and yes, the view works, however trying to use syncdb fails because app\subdir1 is not seen as an application. Adding app\subdir1 in installed_apps fixes this... but that's the part I would like to avoid. – Paul Jul 27 '12 at 10:10
If you just serve views in your subdir's you would not have this problem. If you got models as well then there is no other way than adding it to INSTALLED_APPS. – Torsten Engelbrecht Jul 27 '12 at 10:19
You are dead right Torsten, I see it doesn't work, however I can't explain why it isn't working. Because in app I place a woth lines like: from subdir1.models import * and as far as i know this 'dissolves' the scope of that subdir1 into app scope. So probably some learning for me ahead ;-) – Paul Jul 27 '12 at 18:06

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