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I have a GWT Server which will connect o another server via RMI or CustomConnection. I would like to have a way of telling the GWT Server which connection type to use.

What I could think of :

  1. Adding custom tag in web.xml
  2. Create a normal file containing the value of the connection

Which one is better? And do you know any other optimal way?

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If you know at startup time, I would go with a initialization parameter:


For example, the following entries in the Java EE standard Web Application deployment descriptor, web.xml, define two initialization parameters: greeting, which has a value of Welcome and person, which has a value of WebLogic Developer.

    <description>The salutation</description>
    <param-value>WebLogic Developer</param-value>

To retrieve initialization parameters, call the getInitParameter(String name) method from the parent javax.servlet.GenericServlet class. When passed the name of the parameter, this method returns the parameter’s value as a String.

Overriding the init() Method

You can have your servlet execute tasks at initialization time by overriding the init() method. The following code fragment reads the tags that define a greeting and a name in the J2EE standard Web Application deployment descriptor, web.xml:

 String defaultGreeting;
String defaultName;
 public void init(ServletConfig config) 
    throws ServletException {
  if ((defaultGreeting = getInitParameter("greeting")) == null)
    defaultGreeting = "Hello";
   if ((defaultName = getInitParameter("person")) == null)
    defaultName = "World";
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Thank you for your useful answer. I just have one more question. Is it better to overwrite the init method to get the param value or can I just get in the constructor of the GWT Server Implementation (which is the servlet class)? –  Adel Boutros Jul 27 '12 at 10:14
I don't think it will work in the constructor. You could always test it and see. Overwriting init will work for sure though. –  user1258245 Jul 27 '12 at 10:55

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