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I am making this functionality ..

I am using more than one five terms as my favourite terms say Barista , MacDonalds , BurgerHouse , Wall Mart , Office .

Now I dont have any database .

I am making such functionality that If I am going somewhere and If any places stored as favourite are near by me than it should give me a local alert .

I am using google location api for this. http://jasarien.com/?p=412

can anyone tell me how to approach this problem ?

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Hit this URL from your iPhone app with current location's longitude and latitude and your APPID for google API.


Then you will get a JSON response. Parse the names from the data.

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but I have to search the favourite places which are there in the database .. they can be more then one and there are no category of them . As like food and hotels and all, user simply type KFC or Holiday inn ... and he can have more than one search terms .. then ? how to use this link with that? –  Jean-Luc Godard Jul 27 '12 at 9:51

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