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I'd like to keep in my project some external files, let's say .txt ones. Is there any special category for external files in project file (.pro) of Qt Creator?

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Qt Creator, at least, uses an OTHER_FILES variable for .txt files and anything similar:

OTHER_FILES += test.txt

Adds "test.txt" to the "Project Files" pane in Qt Creator.

If you want to group your files a bit, what you can try is adding a separate .pri file such as "External.pri", including your external files from there, and then including the .pri file in your .pro:


HEADERS += someclass.h
SOURCES += main.cpp someclass.cpp


OTHER_FILES += license.txt todo.txt

Which has the effect of creating a folder of sorts (called "External") in Qt Creator. If you have a bunch of external files it'll help keep things organized.

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Is OTHER_FILES copying the external files to the directory of the published project? Because it is not happening in my case... – ierax Mar 16 '11 at 12:37
@faif, you should either specify relative path from .pro location, of full path, AFAIK. QtCreator won't copy anything. – elmigranto Sep 8 '12 at 6:43

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