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I'm trying to setup environment for web application that using branch.


npm install -d

I do,

brunch build

But, receiving following error:

27 Jul 12:08:28 - error: [Error: Cannot find module 'D:\Development\Projects\PathToProject/node_modules/brunch']

If I just create a new project with brunch new proj, build works fine.

I would appreciate any ideas, why it might not work.

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I'm not familiar with installing and running on a Win machine, but that sounds suspiciously like brunch is a local install - is there a way you can determine if it's a local or global install? Are there such things on a PC env?

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thanks for helping. I believe I found solution, I just needed to run npm install inside /node_modules/brunch folder. It start to work after.. – alexanderb Jul 27 '12 at 15:03

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