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I want to find the number of occurrences of XXX in my latex document that are not in the form of a command as \XXX. Therefore I am looking for occurrences that are not preceded by a backslash.

I tried the following:

grep -c -e '(?<!\)XXX' test.tex    #result: grep: Unmatched ) or \)
grep -c -e '(?<!\\)XXX' test.tex   #result: 0
grep -c -e "(?<!\\)XXX" test.tex   #result: -bash: !\\: event not found

none of them work as intended. In fact I don't understand the last error message at all.

My test.tex contains only the following lines




So the expected result is 1.

Any ideas?

Ps.: I am working in bash.

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FYI, in your last example, the ! in double quotes is interpreted as a history expansion, but '!\\' is not a valid history expansion expression. –  chepner Jul 27 '12 at 12:46

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Neither standard nor extended regular expressions support the look behind. Use Perl regexes:

grep -P '(?<!\\)xxx' test.tex
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this seems to work, except I did a cross check where I searched for XXX for \\XXX and for (?<!\\)XXX. The first gave 39, the second 10 and the last one 34. Those numbers don't add up, so something isn't working as I expected. But this may go beyond my initial question. –  Simon Jul 27 '12 at 10:27
@Simon: Maybe there are several occurrences on the same line? –  choroba Jul 27 '12 at 10:29

Try to use

grep -P '(?<!\\)\bXXX\b' test.tex
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