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I need a way to print selected documents in a library from the ribbon. As I understand it, this will have to be done through scripting. So the main difficulty seems to be the fact that everything will need to be done client-side. Another not so tiny factor is that it has be a generic document printing button, not just for pdf or office documents.

Is there any way to tell the OS/browser to launch for each of the selected items/documents its appropriate program's printing options/window?

Also I want this to be generic to document libraries so I can't just map one as a remote disc.

Another solution that springs to mind is to transfer the selected documents to another document library under the care of an event handler that runs the neccessary c# commands for printing when a new item is added to said(hidden) document library.

Another thing that comes to mind is to basically reiterate what most print drivers already do with the Print to file option where they create a pdf document of the intended material then it would be just a matter of printing the created pdf. But then the printing applications already know the file they have is in the correct/accepted format and merely have to make the convertion to pdf.

Is there any way to use the OS to just open/print-to-file my document with the correct application?

Any help with the script or c# part would be great. Thank you.

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Any solution to this question yet? I am in dire need of this and I'm still absolutely clueless so if you find any solution for this Please share it with me. –  Glolita Oct 13 '12 at 10:39

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