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I need to detect a post_remove signal, so I have written :

def handler1(sender, instance, action, reverse, model, pk_set, **kwargs):
if (action == 'post_remove'):
    test1()  # not declared but make a bug if it works, to detect :)

m2m_changed.connect(handler1, sender=Course.subscribed.through)

If I change 'post_remove' by 'post_add' it is ok.. Is it a django's bug about post_remove ??

I use that model and I switch beetween two values of 'subscribed' (so one added and one deleted)

class Course(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=30)
    subscribed = models.ManyToManyField(User, related_name='course_list', blank=True, null=True, limit_choices_to={'userprofile__status': 'student'})

I have seen a post with a bug of django, maybe it havn't been fixed... (or it's me ^^)

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As I understand it, it's not a bug, it's just that Django does not update m2m relations in the way you expect. It does not remove the relations to be deleted then add the new ones. Instead, it clears all of the m2m relations, then adds them again.

There's a related question Django signal m2m_changed not triggered which links to ticket 13087.

So you can check for the pre_clear or post_clear action with the m2m_changed signal, but since those actions do not provide pk_set, it doesn't help you find the related entries before the save, as you wanted to do in your other question.

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I really don't know how to do that I need to do... I can't use signals , either .save() overwriting.. I need to remove an User from a model field(m2m) if he is removed from another model's field(m2m)... –  Nico401 Jul 27 '12 at 11:48
I'm not sure of the best approach. You could try storing the related objects on the instance with the pre_save signal e.g. instance._old_m2m=list(instance.subscribed.values_list('pk', flat=True)). Then in your handler for the post_add signal, compare pk_set with instance._old_m2m. Good luck! –  Alasdair Jul 27 '12 at 12:05
Yes, i have thought about it, but it is not really optimized :/ I will search... –  Nico401 Jul 27 '12 at 12:12

Thanks to Alasdairs comment I found the solution and will post it here - maybe someone could use it.


class Team(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=100)
    members = models.ManyToManyField(User)

pre_save.connect(team_pre_save, sender=Team)
m2m_changed.connect(team_members_changed, sender=Team.members.through)


def team_pre_save(sender, instance, **kwargs):
    if instance.pk:
        instance._old_m2m = set(list(instance.members.values_list('pk', flat=True)))
        instance._old_m2m = set(list())

def team_members_changed(sender, instance, **kwargs):
    if kwargs['action'] == "post_clear":
        # remove all users from group
        group = Group.objects.get(name='some group')
        for member in instance._old_m2m:
            user = User.objects.get(pk=member)

    if kwargs['action'] == "post_add":
        added_members = list(kwargs['pk_set'].difference(instance._old_m2m))
        deleted_members = list(instance._old_m2m.difference(kwargs['pk_set']))

        if added_members or deleted_members:
            # we got a change - do something, for example add them to a group?
            group = Group.objects.get(name='some group')

            for member in added_members:
                user = User.objects.get(pk=member)

            for member in deleted_members:
                user = User.objects.get(pk=member)
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