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I'm running an application on Tomcat 7, running on a virtual machine, meant for one purpose : distributing photos.

When initializing the application, it connects with MongoDB like :

//Create mongo reference
Mongo mongo = new Mongo(new MongoURI(url));

Then I keep the reference in memory and go to search the photo like this :

//Update R/W Strategy
dbManager.setMongoReadWritePreferences(mongo, app);

//Use database dbname
DB db = mongo.getDB(dbname);

try {           

    //Open gridFS connection
    GridFS fs = new GridFS(db, GlobalConfig.GRIDFS_COLLECTION_BUCKET_BLOBS);

    GridFSDBFile photos = fs.findOne(filename);

    if (photos == null){
        throw new Exception("[PHOTO_NOT_FOUND]");
    } else {
        return photos.getInputStream();

} finally {
    //Request is finished

It's working quite well. (~35ms for any photo, on a 70GB set of photos)

I recently started to have troubles with photos not returned, and strange peaks on my monitoring graphs :

Thread count Requests per mins Mean time Bytes per mins

The traffic is not really high, but it keeps doing the weird things, sending null photos randomly.

Anyone has a clue of what could it be ?

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Isn't really enough information to go by .. you do have a sudden increase in the number of threads and activity from 21:00, but does this line up with your normal site usage patterns ? Are these servers in MMS? –  Stennie Aug 7 '12 at 7:41
Hi Stennie, thanks for your reply. The server is self-hosted on a virtual machine. It looks like my problem has been solved by restarting the physical machine .. but i still don't know what was giving this. I'll delete this post. –  Camille R Aug 7 '12 at 9:21

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