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I'm trying to add a tumblr share button to my webshop and i don't get the Tumblr Share Button (see here) to work.

  • I want to share a picture of a product which is customized by the user, and set a clickthrough link to the product page.
  • Since the shop is built on Knockout.js and the product configurator is loaded dynamically, the script "share.js" provided by tumblr does not work.

So the URL my share button has looks like the following:

var url = '';
url += '?source=' + encodeURIComponent('');
url += '&caption=' + encodeURIComponent('little black dress bag');
url += '&click_thru=' + encodeURIComponent('|product:7_16.1-17.3-18.122-19.129-20.132');

Or if you put it together:

When you open that link, the sharer will appear just fine. But if you click "Create post", the page will redirect you to a page where you can share the sharing page itself... And not post anything!

I also tried using another URL scheme, provided by tumblr (but not documented):[url]&t=[title]&s=

This does work, but does not support including a picture or setting a click through link. Combining both methods also does not work.

So does anybody know what i can do to get it to work? I would also be very thankful if someone could answer me one of these questions:

  • does the script "share.js" provided by tumblr do anything important other than making a popup-link out of my ordinary link?
  • Could it be a problem that i rewrite the URL of the product page with javascript dynamically?

Any help would be much appreciated as i'm stuck here and i feel like i tried everything.

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Include the code for your question in the question. Don't rely on external links, since they may change, making your question useless. StackOverflow is a library, a collection of questions to be used as a reference, not just a discussion forum. – Graham Jul 27 '12 at 11:43
Please don't downvote. It's not in the Javascript code. My problem is in the URL, or the GET Parameters. I had the URL in my post directly but it was edited out by someone. – Lixus Jul 27 '12 at 11:54
I edited the question some more to provide some more info on what i want to do and what i tried so far. I'm still stuck... – Lixus Aug 1 '12 at 10:13

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The image path you are using (param value for "source") is not an image. It is in fact a 301 (redirect) to an HTML page. Can you try using an image path that has the appropriate content type?

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Oops, the image path was outdated, i changed some stuff in the system since i posted the question. I edited my post! – Lixus Aug 20 '12 at 8:23
I tried it again and now it is working! The only explanation is that before i tried to share a transparent png and now i share a jpg. – Lixus Aug 20 '12 at 9:12

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