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Say I have a field in excel with a domain name and I would like to reverse the order of the subdomains, domain and tld, for sorting purposes. For example:

"my.sub.domain.example.org" becomes "org.example.domain.sub.my"

How would you do that in excel?

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I'm not sure how you would do it with worksheet functions, creating a function to do it for you is a lot easier.

If you open the VBA editor, insert a new module and paste the following function you can use it on your worksheet.

Public Function Reverse(ByVal Expression As String, ByVal Delimiter As String) As String
Dim Data() As String
Dim Result As String
Dim Index As Integer

    Result = ""
    Data = Split(Expression, Delimiter)
    Index = UBound(Data)

    Result = Data(Index)

        Index = Index - 1
        Result = Result & Delimiter & Data(Index)
    Loop While Index > 0

    Reverse = Result

End Function


A1 ="my.example.site.tld"
A2 ="=Reverse(A1,".")"
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Use text to columns with a period delimiter. then you can splice them together using =concatenate(...) or & (concatenation operand) in the order and format that you desire.

(but the VBA answer NickSlash posted is nice, this is just in case you want non-VBA)

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Thanks for your suggestion but but NickSlash's suggestion would work better in my case since I want to do this on imported data regularly. I know I didn't exactly specify this requirement in the description. –  JohannesH Aug 2 '12 at 11:25

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