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Possibly this question seems stupid but anyway. I have a script file /local/bin/app1/script.sh and I need to know its parents parent directory name bin. I know that I can use ${0%/*} to determine the parent directory name. I'm not familiar with bash so could somebody please help me to figure out parents parent directory name? Many thanks.

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Just apply the trick once more:


Or, let the shell tell you

( cd ../.. ; pwd )
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Works good to me and I like this one-line solution. Thanks you. –  Viktor Stolbin Jul 27 '12 at 12:45

give you an example, hope it helps:

kent$  pwd

kent$  cat t.sh
a=`dirname $0`
if [ $a = '.' ];then
echo "current path:"$current
cd $current
echo "parents' parent:"
awk -F'/' '{print $(NF-1)}' <<<$current

kent$  ./t.sh         
current path:/tmp/bin/app
parents' parent:

kent$  cd /usr

kent$  pwd

kent$  /tmp/bin/app/t.sh
current path:/tmp/bin/app
parents' parent:

so it will return you "bin".

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