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For my Rails app I'm using Galleria - It all works fine locally, but when I deploy the app to heroku, galleria is gone.

Not really sure why..

Here's my code :

   <div id="galleria">
     <% for image in @trip.images %>    
     <%= link_to image_tag(image.image.url(:thumb)), image.image.url(:large), :title => image.title %>
     <% end %>
         minScaleRatio: 1,
         maxScaleRatio: 1,



 //= require jquery
 //= require jquery_ujs
 //= require bootstrap
 //= require galleria-1.2.7
 //= require galleria.classic.min
 //= require_tree .


*= require_self
*= require galleria.classic
*= require_tree .

All the files being required above are in here :


And I don't see any errors in my heroku log files either, so I am bit lost here. Any ideas why it is not showing up ?

Thank You for your time!

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Can you provide us the url to your heroku app? It may be possible that some javascript is not loaded. – iltempo Jul 28 '12 at 15:48
Yes - The galleria should be under twitter and fb buttons. – emilsw Jul 28 '12 at 18:08

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The answer in more detail is here: Where to put Galleria (jQuery image gallery framework) in Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline?

I had to change this line in galleria.classic.js

css: 'galleria.classic.css',


css: false,

And it worked!

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