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Looking for a tool that:

  • Produces a visually pleasing (not garish), orthogonally structured graph hierarchy
  • Outputs high-quality PNG images (300dpi+)
  • Visually differentiates classes, abstract classes, interfaces, and enumerated types (preferably by colour)
  • Interactive user interface
  • Allows pruning of packages and/or individual classes from the diagram
  • Seeds (e.g., File » Open) using a set of:
    • Directories
    • JAR files
    • Individual source files
    • Individual compiled classes
  • Performs a fully automatic analysis of class dependencies
  • Searches classpath to resolve as many unmet dependencies as possible
  • Uses a single executable
  • Is lightweight (~5MB) and fast (loads in under one second on an average 1.5GHz machine)
  • Is simple (under 10 clicks to generate a graph)
  • Is quick (graph 100 objects in a few seconds)
  • Is easy to use (minimal interface, focused on graph generation)
  • Is OSS or GPL
  • (Optional) Generates a call-graph hierarchy

Tools that will not accomplish this task include:

  • Doxygen + GraphViz (or dot)
  • Eclipse
  • UML modellers
  • Structural Analysis for Java (cannot parse source files)
  • JUDE Community (awkard interface, unsuitable autogeneration)
  • Integrated development environments (too complex, and use too much memory)

Any ideas?

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I'll be interested if you find a solution. The programs I know of which are capable of doing all of those things are neither open source, nor lightweight (nor free). – Nick Jul 23 '09 at 4:46
Which of those requirements are the most flexible? I'm not sure you're going to find one that meets all of them. Will a high school student who's only had 2 days of java really need to analyze graphs with 10,000 objects? – Peter Recore Jul 23 '09 at 5:10
your "visual appealing" link is Page Not Found Unfortunately the page you requested was not found. – Jarrod Roberson Mar 16 '11 at 5:16

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The answer is probably "no such OSS / free application exists". Why? Because:

  1. Most people who want an inheritance diagram for a large number of classes are already working in the context of an IDE or similar. Ergo there is little motivation for OSS developers to produce such a tool.
  2. Automatically creating visually appealing diagrams of large numbers of classes is next to impossible.

I suggest that you relax your requirements. I mean, what is wrong with using a large scale IDE or UML modeller? Memory is cheap. What is wrong with waiting a few seconds to load / run the diagrammer? Patience grasshopper! What high-school student with 2 days of training is going to be looking at source-code base with 10,000+ classes???

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My basic points still stands. Your requirements are not likely to be met by any existing OSS product. – Stephen C Jul 23 '09 at 7:52
maven with some plugins is probably a better solution. JXR is way more useful than diagrams. – Jarrod Roberson Mar 16 '11 at 5:18

It seems that Class Visualizer meets all your requirements (except of saving diagram as PNG).

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While I do not find the graphs visually appealing, nor does there appear to be a command-line option to automatically export diagrams to an image, the tool is quite extensive. Thank you. – Dave Jarvis Jan 5 '12 at 2:10
According to the author is the latest version of the class visualizer. The latest release 0.7.0 only works with Java 7+ – Pratik Khadloya Jul 28 '14 at 22:06

The Netbeans UML plugin will cover some of your requirements.

  • Produces a visually appealing graph hierarchy: a matter of taste
  • Writes high-quality PNG images (300dpi+): I don't know
  • Visually differentiates classes, abstract classes, interfaces, and enumerated types: yes it does as it uses UML
  • Interactive user interface: yes
  • Allows pruning of packages and/or individual classes from the diagram: yes
  • Seeds (e.g., File » Open) using a set of: it work with netbeans projects
    • Directories
    • JAR files
    • Individual source files
    • Individual compiled classes
  • Performs a fully automatic analysis: maybe
  • Uses a single executable: not applicable, it's a plugin of Netbeans
  • Is lightweight and fast: like netbeans
  • Is simple, quick, and easy to use: depends of user
  • Is OSS or GPL: I think it is OSS, surely it is free as in free drink
  • (Optional) Generates a call-graph hierarchy (in addition to a class hierarchy): I don't think it does
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Did you read the phrase "will cover some of your requirements"? – Andrea Francia Jul 23 '09 at 18:22

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