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When I do var_dump($punkty); I got something like this:

[0]=> array(4) 
    ["id"]=> string(2) "28" 
    ["mapa"]=> string(97) "a:3s:3:"lat";s:17:"49.21103723075132";s:3:"lng";s:18:"22.330280542373657";s:4:"zoom";s:2:"17";}" 
    ["miasto"]=> string(5) "Cisna" 
    ["nazwa_obiektu"]=> string(44) "Cisna - noclegi u Mirosławy w Bieszczadach" 

When i do:

foreach ($punkty['mapa'] as $item)
        echo $item;

I get

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() 

How to solve it?

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try echo $item['mapa']; – Bhuvan Rikka 웃 Jul 27 '12 at 12:19
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I think you're trying to do this:

foreach($punkty as $item) {
    echo $item['mapa'];
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Yes, thx for very quic answer – ariel Jul 27 '12 at 12:20

But don't forget to verify your $punkty is not empty, for don't have an other error :-) , for sample:

if (isset($punkty )){
    foreach($punkty as $item){
        echo $item[0]['mapa'];
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$punkty['mapa'] is not an array in your case but the string you can only pass arrays or objects who implements the iterator to foreach loop.

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mapa is at $punkty[0]['mapa'], not at $punkty['mapa'].

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