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I have a magneto website and I have WordPress blog and I want my WordPress blog to be similar to my magneto website.I am using mage-explorer for this. And for adding Css files in to my wordpress site,I am using addCss(css/styles.css) function it is adding the default css file not "my theme" css.So how to do it ??

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You need to create your own Magento template. Take a look at this tutorial here

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hmmm..I think you didn't understand my question. –  ankit Jul 28 '12 at 4:58

You've got two options. You can create a theme for your Wordpress site which looks exactly the same as your Magento site. To my knowledge there is no plugin/extension/module for either system that will make this process easy or painfree for you, you just have to build a custom Wordpress theme to match it.

The other alternative which I've used a few times and really like is to use Fishpig's Magento module in 'Full Integration' mode.


The module allows you to use the Magento templates to display your Wordpress blog, but still access the Wordpress backend to manage/add to the blog. It is a very good extension, good documentation and it is free. Looks very professional too if you are handing it over to a client, they have a single login and can access the Wordpress admin straight from the Magento backend.

The downside of this is that you will be very limited in terms of the functionality you can add into Wordpress - it's only really good if you are using the basic blogging functions, although I think Fishpig also recently added support for Next Gen gallery too, and the All In One SEO plugin is supported. If you want to use lots of plugins, custom templates and post types etc in your Wordpress site then you are looking at route No.1 -> building your own theme.

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Actually I have already tried fishpigs plugin but it does not support many of the plugins that I want ton be integrate in my blog.So I switched to mage-enabler but I here I have to customise my WordPress them in to magento theme.So Can you provide any link to tutorial from which shows how to do this. –  ankit Jul 28 '12 at 4:57
Mate, you are just going to have to build a WordPress theme then. Your Google skills will be just as good as mine - my advice is to find a good blank theme / boilerplate and not try to build it from the dreaded twentyeleven. –  McNab Jul 28 '12 at 5:44
Here's a recommended starting point - html5reset.org/#wordpress –  McNab Jul 28 '12 at 6:17

Firebug is your best friend for this! and grep if you are developing on unix. I have tried all sorts of plugins, both paid and unpaid, none of the attempts were satisfactory. Its much better to start editing the wordpress default theme to match magento theme.

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Yea.That's what I'm doing now . –  ankit Jul 28 '12 at 17:16

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