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I setup a simple test to see how <%@ page errorPage="error.jsp" %> behaves. It seems to execute the said page "error.jsp" when I throw an exception, but if I test syntax errors like missing a ";", I am still getting the tomcat error page. Am I missing something or shouldnt this execute the error page on any type of error?

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Please, for the love of god, use Java scriptlets sparingly. I'm currently working on a project where JSP scriplets, JSP, JSTL, and JavaScript are all interspersed. It's a nightmare to maintain code littered with scriptlets. –  0sumgain Jul 22 '09 at 23:35

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The JSP error page is only for run-time errors (when the page is loaded), the tomcat errors are compile errors when the servlet container tries to compile your JSP.

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