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I am using ATl plugin to lunch atl using java class. Before i was running ATL files by using ATL configuration wizard. The input i was giving in the configuration were:

  • ATL Module: sample.atl

  • Metamodel UML: sampleprofile.uml

  • Source Model system: samplemodel.uml

  • Target: output.uml

After running the output was the correct and the one i wanted.

The problem is that when i use the ATL plugin to lunch the atl files it only requires me as input: Name of the ATL file and Name of the metamodel.The problem is that i dont know where to specify the samplemodel.uml. Because this should be also as input. Therefore the output.uml i am getting is not the one i am expecting to get.

Does anyone know how can i specify this second file inside the generated java class ?

Thank you in advance!

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Please retag, it has nothing to do with atl –  Roman R. Jul 27 '12 at 12:59

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you don't need to change the generated java class. Just import the generated class (for instance Families2Persons) from your java program and launch the transformation like this:

Families2Persons runner = new Families2Persons();
runner.doFamilies2Persons(new NullProgressMonitor());

If you want you can also launch the transformation from command line passing the two paths as arguments.

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The problem is that i have two files as input samplemodel.uml and sampleprofile.uml which are depended with each other. I can not run samplemodel.uml if i do not rung the sampleprofile.uml. I tried to put them both like :Families2Persons runner = new Families2Persons(); runner.loadModels("/pathto/sampleprofile.uml"); runner.loadModels("/pathto/samplemodel.uml"); runner.doFamilies2Persons(new NullProgressMonitor()); runner.saveModels("/pathto/output.uml"); but it doesnt work . it gives me errors –  user1495959 Jul 31 '12 at 8:57

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