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I am trying to call a method from a object with type being an interface.

    private Car Ferrari;

Car is the interface class with a method called startEngine().

I also have a class that implements Car, lets call it CarImplementation. So when I call Ferrari.startEngine(), I'm assuming that the startEngine() in CarImplementation will be called.

However, in Eclipse, I get a red line under startEngine(). And I get an error message saying

The method startEngine() is undefined for the type Car

How is it undefined when I have startEngine() in both my interface and the class that implements the interface ?

I also noticed that after I type the dot following Ferrari, my startEngine() method is not showing up on Eclipse's content assist.

Any suggestions?

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Have you saved your Car.java file? :-) –  Boris Treukhov Jul 27 '12 at 13:12

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Ferrari is not a Car, it's null until you allocate it to an actual object.

Car ferrari = new CarImplementation();
ferrari.startEngine(); // works

(Also, I renamed your object as ferrari with no cap, as per Sun Java standards)

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You'll need to create an instance of CarImplementation to use it's implementation- interfaces don't have implementations on methods they define.

So if it's a non-static method, you want to try this:

Private Car ferrari = new CarImplementation();
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