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Does anyone kown any open source Stock Control Systems with ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC?

I'm planning to help my friend to build a website to manage his products after work.

The very basic functions should contain "Membership", "Low Stock Notice", "Best Before Notice" and so on.

I would love to try ASP.NET MVC with this application? If someone interest this application we could set up a project or Open Source project and work together.

I'm also planning to use Repository Pattern with Castle Windsor components, and the SQL TO Linq or NHibernate.

By the way, I'm a junior C# developer in UK.

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You might have better luck calling it an "inventory management" system. "Stock" has drastically different meanings across multiple domains. – The Matt Jul 22 '09 at 23:52

Even so, The Matt, this does not, on the surface anyway, seem like a terribly complex application. Come up with a few [simple] features, get them done and then expand as you go.

My personal flavour would be LINQ.

This is a great place if you are a junior as there are stacks of people here to help you.

Have you looked at NerdDinner at asp.net? Great place to start.

If you want specific help on how to do things then ask the question and it will be answered.

Good luck and have fun.

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