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I am trying to compile PHP on my Mac OS X 10.8 and I am getting the following problem:

In file included from /Users/ryan/Downloads/php-5.4.5/ext/phar/util.c:23:
ext/phar/phar_internal.h:223:19: error: invalid token at start of a preprocessor
# if SIZEOF_SHORT == 2

I'm not sure why this error is occurring as this looks fine to me. I have opened the header file and could make changes if not or remove the if all together as I know what my system should be, but I was wondering if this is the proper approach to this problem.

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How is SIZEOF_SHORT defined? clang gives the same error for "#if == 2". –  servn Jul 28 '12 at 8:09

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It looks like SIZEOF_SHORT expands to no tokens. You should investigate where SIZEOF_SHORT is being #defined (this may be on the command line via -DSIZEOF_SHORT=) and fix that to provide the right value.

Alternatively, you could use this:

#include "limits.h"
/* ... */
#if SHRT_BIT == CHAR_BIT * 2
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I didn't really find a solution to this problem, but I removed the if's and left behind the line that would be processed anyway and the program compiled just fine. I really don't know what was wrong with this file.

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