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In a button action I tried to add a keypress.

    Robot robot=new Robot();


}catch(Exception e){}

Now I want the "A-Key" hold,In that case I commented out the third line
But the keypress doesn't need the keyRelease.So I didn't get the "A-Key" hold. In another case mousePress is pressed until the mouseRelease does not execute.Can anybody give me solution or explain what's happening.

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See a similar question, whose answer uses Thread.sleep() to keep the key pressed down: Simulate a key held down in Java and this question: How can I make Robot press and hold a mouse button for a certain period of time?

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I wonder it's not the similar question.My mousePress and mouseRelease worked. but the Keypress doesn't need the keyRelease. Even If I don't add the keyRelease it automatically release that key. –  Mamun Sardar Jul 27 '12 at 14:27

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