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I'm debugging the 'MySQL server has gone away' errors. There is a proposed solution, which more or less works:

from twisted.enterprise import adbapi
from twisted.python import log
import MySQLdb

class ReconnectingConnectionPool(adbapi.ConnectionPool):
    """Reconnecting adbapi connection pool for MySQL.

    This class improves on the solution posted at
    by checking exceptions by error code and only disconnecting the current
    connection instead of all of them.

    Also see:

    def _runInteraction(self, interaction, *args, **kw):
            return adbapi.ConnectionPool._runInteraction(self, interaction, *args, **kw)
        except MySQLdb.OperationalError, e:
            if e[0] not in (2006, 2013):
            log.msg("RCP: got error %s, retrying operation" %(e))
            conn = self.connections.get(self.threadID())
            # try the interaction again
            return adbapi.ConnectionPool._runInteraction(self, interaction, *args, **kw)

Taken from here: http://www.gelens.org/2009/09/13/twisted-connectionpool-revisited/

However, the exception gets caught no only in our ReconnectingConnectionPool, but in _runInteraction itself too. And it triggers log.err, which (apparently) does two things:

  • print the error - although our application works fine
  • what's worse, it makes trial fail, so the tests fail. I'm not really sure this is log.err problem, but it happens nonetheless.

I could hack adbapi, but that's probably not the best idea. Are there any better ways to handle this?

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Are you asking how to make a unit test pass even if an error is logged? Try flushLoggedErrors. If you're asking something else, please clarify.

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Yes, this is exactly what I need. Thank you! It would be great if it didn't write anything in the log, but I can live with this :-) –  user1444731 Jul 30 '12 at 7:29

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