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if I call Facebook API to create a new test user like this:

the user is created however the profile details contains only some basics such as gender/name/birthday:


Is there a way how to create a Facebook test user with richer profile details such as 'middle_name' , 'bio'?

I've tried to call this:

but it still creates a test user with the profile as with the first call ('middle_name' and 'bio' is missing). Is it a limitation of Facebook API or I am missing something?


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You can use the app dashboard @ - In the bottom row you can create new test users and login as the test user. This allows you to edit everything on the test user profile just like a normal account.

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Thanks for quick answer. I am aware of that. What I am looking for is a way how to define it programmatically by an Facebook API call. – milanoid Jul 27 '12 at 15:39

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