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Is there anyway I can modify the path for pkginclude_ without actually changing the structure of my project? Heres the directory stucture I have.

My_Project >
       include >

In the Makefile.am I have..


Running make install places the files in..


What I would like to happen is have includes installed in..


I would like to do this without passing any flags into configure or make and without changing the directory structure on my machine. Is there a way to specifiy this as the default behaviour?

Digging around the ineterweb. Couldn't find the answer, although I may have missed it. I rather dislike autotools docs.

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how about:


the more orthodox way would be to restructure your project to have the fruits/ directory:

My_Project > 
   includes > 
      fruits > 

and then add to My_Project/includes/Makefile.am

nobase_pkginclude_HEADERS = fruits/apple.h fruits/banana.h fruits/pear.h
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Thanks. I also understand the orthodox way, just didnt want to change my dir structure at this point. Thanks for the tip and answer –  Thatoneguy Aug 16 '12 at 21:53

In Makefile.am:

pkgincludedir = $(includedir)/$(PACKAGE)/fruits
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Thanks for sharing your solution. I solved it the way I answered below however this also works –  Thatoneguy Aug 16 '12 at 21:52

I solved it using this method,

In Makefile.am

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