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I am a newbie, i read MVC Movie App tutorial and created an AddressBook based on that, i am using ADO.NET Entity DataModel for stroing values in Database table, as i do not know anyother way, i am storing following values in my table- Id (primary key auto) name gender phoneno(Heres the problem i want to add multiple phone numbers, i want to add text boxes on clicking "add" link )

not only i want to add text boxes on view but also store it in database table , how do i do that? REMEMBER i am a newbie keep it simple

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If you need more than one phone number for same Contact. It is a ONE to MANY relation ship. that means you need a seperate table to store your Phone numbers

I would create a new table called PhoneNumber like this structure

CONTACT_ID (INT) - Foreign key to the Contact table

Your sample data will look like

---------------     ------------     ----------
1                   734578956         1
2                   987546563         2
3                   987645643         2

This means Contact 1 has one phone number and contact 2 has 2 phone numbers.

Now you need a Collection property in your Contact class to store the PhoneNumbers

public class Contact
  public int ID { set;get;} 
  public string FirstName { set;get;}
  //Other contact related proerpties

  IList<string> PhoneNumbers { set;get;}

 public Contact()
       PhoneNumbers=new List<string>();
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I do not have contact class in models , i just have edmx file in model (i know i am pathetic , just began learning. –  Arbaaz Jul 27 '12 at 15:03
how do i mention that phone number should be stored in Contact table while rest of the data should be stored in Table1 –  Arbaaz Jul 27 '12 at 15:38
@user1557976 you should update your Data Access Code to do that. Without knowing how it is, it is difficult to tell you more specifically what to do. –  Shyju Jul 27 '12 at 15:38

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