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I'm a new guy in this field

and i have a problem when i addSubView in AppDelegate

i have a Custom Controller look like this:

@interface mainViewController : UIViewController <UITableViewDelegate> 
    UITabBarController *myTad;
    UITableView *myTable;
    aModel *myModel
    // ......
//Some methods and @property

All i want is make a View Controller that gets other Controller also connect to the model. this is the place work all the things

and in AppDelegate i added in proper way.

[window addSubview: myController.view];
[window makeKeyAndVisible];
return YES

but its just didn't work ?

The Problem is loadView, the method i overWrite in mainViewController implement not do anythings. It's just go through

didn't i miss something?

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2 Answers

You need to push your new view controller onto the stack, like so:

[self.navigationController pushViewController:myController];
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Use a UINavigationController to control and 'connect' your views. This will allow you to push them properly and navigate back via back button.

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