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Currently, I have an Activity, with a ListView on the top, and LinearLayout on the bottom.

enter image description here

When a row in my ListView is scrolled and the row is partially shown, it looks like this. (LinearLayout is the one with Value wording)

However, I wish to have the following effect.

enter image description here

It seems that LinearLayout adds a "glooming layer" at the bottom of the ListView. - I am sure this is not optical illusion. :)

How I can achieve such an effect?

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did you set android:fadingEdge="none" in layout for listView ?? If yes then replace none value with appropriate value, Custom fading color is not possible in android stackoverflow.com/a/4678136/582571 –  rajpara Jul 27 '12 at 15:03

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on ListView will solve the problem

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One of the ideas that comes in my mind right now is to create a shape with a transparent gradient color. Then create a View above the LinearLayout and put the Shape as the background.

Another idea is to put a transparent image, instead of shape, above LinearLayout.

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