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If I have Σ={a} , what words does Σ* has ?

Σ*= {a,aa,aaa,aaaa.....} ?


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empty string should be included. –  jay c. Jul 27 '12 at 15:11
This presentation based on the book by Rosen might be useful cis.temple.edu/~latecki/Courses/CIS166-05/Lectures/ch11.1.ppt –  arunmoezhi Jul 28 '12 at 1:01

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If your alphabet is Σ={a} then Σ*= {#, a,aa,aaa,aaaa.....} means all the possible n* a, including the empty string # (phi). Another way to produce that sequence is using grammars:

S -> S
S -> aS
S -> #

where # is the empty string.

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It has the empty string, which you didn't mention, it also contains sequences of a, of all lengths.

You can find more information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kleene_star.

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Got it , infinite elements of a^i , i=1........INF –  ron Jul 27 '12 at 15:12

The * in Σ* usually denotes zero or many times. So Σ* will have the empty string, and any combination of letters from the alphabet Σ.

(Since your alphabet only has a , then Σ* will have any combination of as and the empty string.)

If your alphabet had more values i.e. Σ = {a,b} then you would have any combination of as and bs and the empty string. i.e. Σ* = {phi, a, b, aa, ab, ba, bb, bab, ...(etc)}

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Σ* is the set of strings of any length that you can make by concatenating any number of symbols drawn from Σ (including none).

Here is one way to define Σ*:

Let Σ^n be the set of strings of length n over Σ.

Then Σ* = Σ^0 union Σ^1 union ...

Σ^0 = {phi} since phi is the only string of length 0. Therefore phi is always in Σ* no matter what Σ is.

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