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OK, so I've successfully managed to create a localisation resource library for the title of my WP7 app using the msdn tutorial

The app title is therefore stored in a string table within the resource library AppResLib.dll. This resource string is accessible from the WMAppManifest.xml file by using the following code:


I would like to know if it's possible to access the app title string from a class within my app? My google searches seem to suggest that it's not possible. It's not possible to use a solution as outlined here, as it just returns the string "@AppResLib.dll,-200".

I think the only solution is to define the app title a second time in a localised string resource file as shown here which I would prefer not to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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I'm use localised ressources, but it's a ressource file, I want to call my labels, title, and other text ressourecs in all my application (in my c# class and in XAML) .

if you want tutorial ( in french, sorry ) is here (you want to use google translate for translate all page in english )

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Hi Doc Roms, thanks for the reply. Yes I am already using localised resources using a resource file, however, you can't use this file to set the application and tile name in WMAppManifest.xml? – GuyParker Jul 30 '12 at 9:02

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