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I need to make a custom GWT widget from HTML and javascript code. The javascript code should be called on the widget, but the javascript should receive the widget DOM component as a parameter.

Also, the widget's HTML has to be directly dependent on the arguments, given to the widget's constructor.

What is the "idiomatic" way of doing this?

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It is quite simple. You can start by extending Widget class.

To create DOM representation, you need to use Document.get() (or other old api depends on what you prefer). To call external javascript you will need to use JSNI.

Also you will have to override onDetach and onAttach methods, so you can notify external JS when your element is added to dom, and when external JS should perform some cleanup (if needed).

Example code:

public class MyWidget extends Widget{

     public MyWidget(String params) {
         Document document = Document.get();
         DivElement divElement = document.createDiv();
         setElement(divElement); //important, widget needs to know it's root element

     private static native void doJsMagic(Element element)/*-{ //notifies js about element

     private static native void undoJsMagic(Element element)/*-{ 
        //notifies js that it should do some cleanup (if needed)
        //since it is unaware of GWT widget lifecycle


     public void onAttach() {

     public void onDetach() {

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As described at gwtproject.org/doc/latest/… –  S Vilcans Sep 19 '13 at 11:21
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