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I have a g:select statement that looks like the following:

<g:select id="gearbox" name="" from="${com.nppc.mes.energyusage.Gearbox.list()}" optionKey="id" optionValue="${ {"${it.gearboxType} - (${it.gearboxRatio})"} }" required="" value="${gearboxVoltageInstance?.gearbox?.id}" class="many-to-one"/>

I have added an optionValue attribute: optionValue="${ {"${it.gearboxType} - (${it.gearboxRatio})"} }"

This works as I want.

However, I want to show my domain object, Gearboxes the same everywhere. I have created a template, and am able to use the g:render tag on my show.gsp.

What I can't figure out is how to get something like this to work:

optionValue="<g:render template="/shared/gearbox" model:="[gearbox:it]"/>"

Is it possible to use templates to generate the content that goes into an optionValue?

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You could hack around it, but it feels like bad design to me.

The right way to do something like is seems to be to add a helper method to your Gearbox domain class

static transients = [ 'renderedValue' ]

def getRenderedValue(){
   "$gearboxType - $gearboxRatio"

Then, you can just call optionValue="${ it.renderedValue }".

Also, if you specify a toString() in your domain class, this would be used to generate the default rendered value.

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Are you offering to render templates in domain method as a better design? – Victor Sergienko Aug 10 '12 at 6:38

Tags can be used as regular functions in Groovy code. Like:

optionValue="${g.render(template: '/shared/gearbox', model: [gearbox: it])}"
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thx - that worked. Just needed to keep the syntax "${{...}}" to get it to work though. Not sure why the extra curlys are needed, but when I add them, it work. :-) – DaveDude Aug 9 '12 at 20:53
Maybe it's a good idea to create a tag for that. – Victor Sergienko Aug 10 '12 at 6:38

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