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I know I can use Emacs but I haven't used it earlier... are there any other alternatives??


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The Zeus programmer's editor can be easily configured for almost any programming language.

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+1 This editor works well. –  mrsheen Nov 16 '12 at 12:24
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You could use the Visual Studio editor for F# - with

#indent "off"

at the top of the file, the core of F# is largely compatible with OCaml (especially if you reference the F# PowerPack). Not perfect, but useful...

Anecdote: a friend of mine was taking a programming class that used OCaml, and he used F# inside VS (sticking to OCaml library/language) to author his homework, to have good editor/debugger support while working, and then switched to OCaml compiler for final touch-ups and compatibility fixes before submitting assignments; this seemed to work reasonably well for him.

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Of course... VIM --what i use with ocaml.

Aside from that, there is an eclipse plug-in for SML/NJ called ML-Dev and ODT for ocaml.

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