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SharePoint 2010 Word 2007

Does anyone know how to have a link within a Word document, that is opened inside a SharePoint browser window, which, when the link is clicked it will open a second Word document in the same browser window?

SharePoint 2010 Browser Window 1
   Open Word Doc 1
      Click on link within Word Doc 1
   Word Doc 2 is opened (in the same browser window)
      If I click 'Close' in the 'Word Viewer', Word Doc 2 will close and I am back to Word Doc 1

Word 2007 does not like JavaScript to open a new window with _self. Thanks in advance.

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This is probably better suited for

That being said, I think this is your answer from TechNet:

Configure the default open behavior for browser-enabled documents (Office Web Apps)

A little PowerShell and you'll be rocking and rolling.

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